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Our aim is for you to join a boutique organization that provides a unique service to a select group of people who either own an apartment or live in a retirement village. Join our service and you will have your car available when and where you need it. To learn more, get in touch with us today.


Everything You Need


Our basic plan is for two people to share the use and ownership of one car. One of those people will sell their car and purchase a half share in the other car.  This arrangement can be adjusted to your requirements e.g. both sell their car and jointly own a different vehicle.


When you contact us we will work together to attract a partner who lives in your vicinity.  We will then agree on the annual budget expenses and you pay a monthly sum to cover those expenses.  I will manage these funds on your behalf and pay all the expenses.


Both partners will operate a diary to schedule when they wish to use the car.  You are the owners of the car and you will arrange to have all service and repairs to be carried out at times and places that suit you.  I will pay all expenses including insurance and registration.


About saving money by sharing use of your car

I am a retired accountant and I will manage the process for you.

Shareyourcar is a new operation and is aimed at people who live in apartments or retirement villages. This means that your car is available to the sharing partners.  The first step is to find a co-user in the same complex or very close by.  We work out a budget and you pay an agreed amount into our bank account each month. We provide you with a fleet card to pay expenses.  From this time forward you just diary the times you need the car, share the use of the car, and we manage everything from then.

You may be wondering…

How can you terminate the agreement?

 You just have to give 30 days’ notice in writing.

What about the money that you have paid?

It is your money, and you can have a copy of what has been spent at any time. At termination, these funds will be repaid to you.

There will be two agreements.

Between the two owners of the car to make the joint ownership clear and the rules that they will agree between them regarding daily use.


Between the owners and my company Rayben Ltd to define the arrangement between them and me.



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